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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello there, my name is Brooke! I'm a multimedia artist, and my ultimate goal is to be an animator.

Other places you can find me:

I was tagged by pawsomeness~! 

Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged 
-Write 13 things about yourself
-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged 
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

13 things about me:
1) I have a dog named Gatsby. He's a two year old german shepard/corgi/unknown mix with a naturally nubby tail and itty bitty legs. He's a destructive, hyperactive asshole and I love him.

2) My family calls me a vampire because when I go in the sun, a minute or so later I get burnt. As a result I avoid sun, so I'm extremely pale.

3) My art teacher throughout my junior and senior year called me crazy. But not in a bad way, he uses it as an affectionate term for really creative people.

4) I have 50 different comic ideas but they will probably never happen because I abandon comic ideas quickly.

5) One time in elementary school, I found a keychain full of charms (because they were a big deal when I was in elementary school, they were status symbols man) on the ground outside my bus and picked it up. I sat down in a seat on the bus, and this girl sat down next to me claiming it was hers. Me, being the stubborn child I was, spent the entire bus ride to my stop arguing with her about how it wasn't hers, and how it was MINE and fell off of my backpack. I ended up keeping it, and she never bothered me about it again.

6) In middle school I really liked roleplaying so I made my own wolf roleplay site on freewebs. The name I gave it became my screen name for everything.

7) I once got pulled out of class (multiple times) in kindergarten to attend a little class hosted by a school counselor about how to make friends and be nice to others. To this day I do not understand why, as I was a social butterfly in kindergarten.

8) I disliked pizza when I was younger. Me and my younger brother were probably the only children on earth who wouldn't eat pizza.

9) I had to move away from my hometown my junior year of high school, so my best friend lives 8 hours away. This didn't damage our friendship though, it actually brought us closer. We text eachother nonstop~!

10) I can't fall asleep unless the room is pitch black and silent. Which is ironic, considering I am afraid of the dark.

11) Speaking of phobias, I am terrified of spiders. Can't deal with them, and I am irrationally afraid of them. But where I live, we have hobo spiders, brown recluses, and black widows so I don't think I'm being too irrational anymore.

12) I love to swim! I've been swimming since I was 18 months old~!

13) I will wake up to having coherent stories jotted down in the notes on my phone.

1. What's your relationship status?

2. Last book you read?
    The last book I read was Night by Elie Wiesel

3. Favorite song/types of music?
    I listen to a lot of alternative songs, though mostly I just like songs with good beats to them. My favorite song is probably Dear Fellow Traveler by Sea Wolf.

4. What's something you shouldn't say at a funeral~?
    "I'm so happy right now"
    "I hope they're having fun in Hell."
    "Wait who died again?"
    "I can't wait to bury this asshole and dance on their grave."
    "They died how they lived: broke, stupid, and owing me a shit ton of money. RIP."
              I could keep going all day I love this kind of stuff lmao

5. How about the thing you are most passionate about?
    Drawing and making characters! 

6. Favorite video game? (if it's too hard: favorite genre of game?)
    My absolute favorite game is Pokemon Pearl, it's one of two Pokemon games I have never reset, and it hold a very special (and nostalgic) place in my heart. Sonic 2 is a very close second (also for the nostalgia. I have so many fond memories of playing it on our ancient Sega with my little brother)

7. Do you prefer the heat or the cold?
   Cold! You can always warm up, but cooling down is so hard.

8. Worst movie you've seen? How about the best?
    Worst? Fateful Findings. God that movie was a beautiful train wreck I forced my parents to watch with me. It's one of those "so bad that its good" kinda movies. I could talk about it for days lmao.
    The best movie I've ever seen is Spirited Away! I saw it when I was pretty young and I've loved it ever since! It's such a good movie.

9. Favorite youtube channel?
    In terms of youtube channels that consistently make me laugh and smile and be happy in general is GameGrumps! I also enjoy: ThreadBanger, Simply Nailogical, Nostalgia Critic, Draw with Jazza, ProJared, PeanutButterGamer, Cinema Sins, and many, many more. (I really like movie and video game critique channels, I find them entertaining as a personal hobby is picking apart movies haha)

10. Are you a morning person or a night owl? (I bet you're all night owls--)
     Night owl haha

11. What do you want to do when you grow up? (If you're grown up/out of school: what do you do?)
      Currently I'm going to attend college to get a BFA in Illustration. Then, with a good portfolio, I'll hopefully get into CalArts where I hope to study animation~!

12. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
      Idk, probably walk around wearing normal clothes and seeing how people react to it. Being as casual and relaxed as possible when talking to people in order to gain the maximum amount of confusion. 

13. What motivates you?
      This will sound corny, but all of my friends and watchers do! Every time I read a nice comment or gain a new watcher I'm get so excited that I want to draw more and more! It motivates me a lot knowing that there are people who enjoy my art, because I've always felt like nobody would enjoy it.
      TLDR; you guys are my motivation!

I tag...
(only five because I'm super tired and lazy haha)

My Questions for You:
1) Have you ever played an instrument? Which one?
2) Do you have any pets?
3) What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?
4) If you had the power to stop time for an hour, what would you do?
5) Do you like movies that are so bad, that they're good?
6) What's your ideal career?
7) Have you ever gone on a date before?
8) Would you punch an old lady for $100?
9) How do you cope with stress?
10) What's your best quality, in your opinion?
11) Do you like sharks?
12) What's your least favorite kind of music?
13) If you had the option to go back in time and change one event in your life so far, would you change anything?

I'm so tired lmao pls forgive any weird questions/answers/grammar


Changing the page sizes for Riptide again. They're gonna be smaller, but hopefully better quality? ;-;
And will also probably come out quicker
Fact I often forget: Mudsdale is 8'2"
That is all
Hey I forgot to mention it, but I'm currently taking requests over on my Tumblr
finally made myself a new icon...
at 1 am
night everyone :v
I draw rowlet one of two ways: actual owl shape OR oblong oval with big eyes
There is no inbetween

Hau's rowlet is the latter, btw


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